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Battery Backup Solutions for your Store

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BrightHouse Energy Business Back-Up Systems

A high quality, single integrated lithium battery back-up unit that provides reliable power during load shedding.


"For over a year, my business has not suffered from electricity interruptions. Brighthouse keeps me trading."

Rob Solomon, Specs Direct.


"My turnover does not decrease during load shedding, best decision I have made. Brighthouse keeps me trading."

Renée Brindeau, Coffee Shop Owner.


Welcome to BrightHouse Energy Business Back-Up Systems

The best quality battery power system integrated into your businesses, offering the highest performance while maintaining your energy needs during load shedding.

We have the experience and cost effective solution for your store.

We are a trusted South African industry leader in the supply of photovoltaic and battery back-up systems for homes and businesses. We specialise in the design and installation of high quality bespoke and bankable solar energy generation, battery storage and hybrid solutions, both at utility and small scale.


Cash is king, we provide financing for the single retailer to national retailers. Email us now.


Energy Storage Systems

BrightHouse offers an array of quality energy storage solutions, including the market leading Specialised Solar Solutions and the Tesla PowerWall, offering standby power and remote monitoring. We are a leading certified installation partner for both companies in South Africa. All our battery units ensure uninterrupted power supply (USP) at varying capacity levels based on the number of devices they need to carry during an outage. All come with a five year inverter warranty and one year workmanship warranty.

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Our Credentials

​BrightHouse is a sister company of Brinmar Private Energy Trading and RESA Operations & Maintenance. Brinmar is a company specifically designed for providing wheeled electricity services across South Africa. RESA O&M is an established utility scale operations and maintenance provider in the South African renewable energy market, working across the renewable energy value chain through its strong team of specialists

Your Solution

Trial Installation

When applicable, BrightHouse welcomes the opportunity to conduct one trial installation free of charge in order to illustrate the company’s ability and that the product is fit for purpose.

Ease of Installation

The BrightHouse unit is a singular unit designed for aesthetics, space saving and ease of installation.

Remote Monitoring

Post installation, BrightHouse has the ability to remotely monitor each installed system to ensure that each unit is working at optimum efficiency and also to remotely manage recharge cycles to ensure the unit is always aligned with Eskom or Municipal load shedding cycles.

Peace of Mind

The BrightHouse team provides a full service from installation to monitoring, always ensuring that your stores have available electricity to trade.


BrightHouse recommends a standardised range of battery systems to equip each store to optimally trade during load shedding or other power outages.​​

Optimal Performance

BrightHouse will measure electricity consumption in each store prior to installation to ensure the appropriate system for each store, thereby managing costs and performance optimally.

Store Security

The BrightHouse unit’s priority is to maintain the stores security systems as active during load shedding or other power interruptions. Reference is made specifically to alarm systems, cameras and customer specified devices.


BrightHouse, utilising its state-of-the-art ERP system, has the ability to install nationwide and ensure quality of installation at each site, applying the correct health and safety standards with the correct commissioning sign-offs and to schedule.

Cash is king, we provide finance
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